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Construction Contracts Management

The profitability of work performed under a construction contract is determined as much by the way the contract is managed as it is by the way the work is performed. One of the most effective ways of increasing profitability is to improve construction contracts management.

David Ross Associates has developed the following programs to meet the needs of clients in strengthening their management of construction contracts, changes, delays and claims. These programs draw upon our extensive experience in construction management, contract management, and claims resolution to provide clients with specific and practical recommendations that meet the particular needs of the construction project.



Our review program is based on a multi-disciplined approach and long-established, proven techniques to increase control, enhance profits, and improve the client's overall position in the contract. Our program is carefully tailored to meet the needs, objectives, and structure of our client's organization. The program assesses the effectiveness of the operation's performance, policies, procedures, organization, personnel, preparation, training, reporting, and review

David Ross Associates performs its review of the contract operation in five phases:

  1. Performance of preliminary survey to become familiar with the operation, to identify the client's objectives, and to define the review program and schedule.
  2. Development of a detailed review program plan with client participation to assure that the review is tailored to the organization and objectives.
  3. Performance of field work. Our construction experts visit project offices and/or job sites to observe the contract administration operation and to evaluate the operation against the defined criteria and objectives.
  4. We discuss findings and recommendations with appropriate supervisors in affected operations.
  5. We issue a report on the survey scope, our opinions, findings, and specific recommendations to strengthen the client's operation.




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