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Litigation Support Services David Ross Associates has provided litigation support services specifically tailored to U.S. and international clients involved in the engineering and construction industry.

We provide personalized services to clients in the following ways:

David Ross Associates can assemble and analyze technical data, help with discovery, assist in case preparation, and provide support during deposition and trial proceedings.

Our experience, expertise and assistance can help the construction litigator to prepare and present a thoroughly organized case. We can also help the construction litigator resolve the construction dispute outside the courtroom through mediation, arbitration, and negotiation.



David Ross Associates provides counsel with an in-depth understanding of, and insight into, complex engineering and construction issues, problems, and practices. To do so, our expert consultants must use an efficient litigation support and document retrieval system to properly analyze all documentation relating to the case. Reviewing the documents requires a framework for analysis, trained personnel, organization, and effective administration. Our experts have the experience in construction operations, as well as the fundamental understanding of a project's dynamics, to provide this framework to the litigation system. The particular type of litigation support system that counsel needs depends on the information available and the type of construction case.

The information that our experts obtain from reviewing the documents is usually used by counsel in the following ways:



When we are retained by a law firm or contractor that already has a litigation support system intact, we work within that system. However, if there is no existing system, we can develop one.

In either situation, our experts will implement a system to organize the vast amount of documentation involved in a construction lawsuit. This system uses an integrated approach to attain the following goals:

When we develop a litigation support system for a client, determining the type of system is crucial. In many instances a manual system is appropriate when there are few issues and few documents. However, most construction cases involve complex issues and voluminous documents. In those cases, we will develop a more comprehensive system that uses computers and automation.

David Ross Associates has the personnel and the expertise to assist you in determining what type of support system is appropriate and cost-effective.



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