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The Six Phases of a Public Works Construction Project

David's take on the differences in construction project outcomes as inspired by the list of construction project phases by Winford E. Holland.


Making Short Work of Diagramming the Critical Path

This is a reprint of an article that appeared in the San Jose Mercury News on Sunday, May 26, 1985 - when David Ross was a vice president with Jack & Cohen Builders Inc. in Palo Alto. At that time, his company was at the cutting edge of using technology in construction projects by running "project management" software on an Apple Lisa computer.


Construction Industry Documentation and Record-Keeping

We had a project recently in which the contractor "misplaced" a large number of the project documents. I put together these notes on record keeping in construction projects as part of a large report on why the contractor's claims for additional money should be denied. In the end, our client won the case of course.


Avoiding Construction Disputes (No Construction Claims - Guaranteed!)

In December 2009, Troy wrote an article for ForensisGroup regarding the need for good documentation in construction projects. In light of a few recent projects that were vastly underwhelming in the available project documents to support the Contractor's claims, we thought it was a good time to revisit the article and publish an updated version here.


Glossary of Construction Terms

A while ago Troy started working on compiling the most appropriate definitions for Construction Industry Terminology for quick reference in some of our reports. This initial effort has now been expanded to be a full glossary of construction terms and legal concepts commonly used in construction disputes. It is a continuing work in progress, so some terms you might think fitting have not yet ben added. If you have a term that you think should be added please send us a note and we'll update the page with your suggestions.


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